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Welcome to the Moment. From Here, Sound is Created.

The Genre?

What does that mean?

Green Leaf

Basically, We are Made of  Mostly Water. 

Sound Affects Matter. It Affects us on a Molecular Level. 

Semantics: The study of linguistic development by classifying and examining changes in meaning and form.

Cymatics: The study of how sound affects matter. A therapy in which sound waves are directed at the body with the aim of promoting health.

Are you done with the age of destructive music?  Are you tired of disempowering lyrics and vocals ? 

Quean of the Green offers an alter(native).

Safe in Sound.

These Spontaneous Symphonies are designed to Soothe your Soul. 

All Genres, All Tonalities.

5 Octaves of Sound to bring the LOVE.

Get mesmerized by the improvised symphonies  that this woman orchestrates from her VOICE. 




Once Upon a Now,

Lives an extraordinary artist named Quean of the Green:

Singer, MC, Beatboxer, Freestyler, Producer, Writer, Model and Painter.

A nomadic artist,

Her current projects include the production of a Musical as well as   multiple collaborations with producers throughout Canada, Mexico, Europe and the US.

Her latest album featured ” The Raw Files”  is an example of her integrity and devotion to art. The album is recorded live, improvised and is created utilizing solely the power of her voice and her looper pedals.

Her Music is Featured on Shaw TV’s  “When Paintings Come Alive” and her latest single ” She’s like the Wind” is featured on the International Nepalese Benefit Album .


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