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Welcome to the Moment. From Here, Sound is Created.

Keep it Green.

Green Leaf

Fresh, Organic Beats.

Improvised Beat-boxing, Rapping and Singing.

All Genres, All Tonalities.

5 Octaves of Sound to bring the LOVE.

 Inspired by Urban Nature:  Wild-Crafted Music.

You’ve never heard anything like this before.




Once Upon a Now,

Lives an extraordinary artist named Quean of the Green:

Quean’s musical journey began as a nomadic, hip-hop artist.

Growing to love many genres of music, she branched out to the world of E.D.M and dance music through working with Fadi Awad , winner of the “Akademia” awards  under her old alias “Natalia.”

They created a hit song called ” Music is my Lover.”  (10 thousand hits on Youtube.)

After years of navigating the underground hip hop and festival culture of E.D.M, she decided to create her own sound.

” The Raw Files”   is an example of her integrity  to art. The album is recorded live, improvised and is created utilizing solely the power of her voice and her looper pedals.

Her Music is Featured on Shaw TV’s  “When Paintings Come Alive” and  her latest single ” She’s like the Wind” is featured on the International Nepalese Benefit Album.

Her current projects include the production of an electronic Musical as well as   multiple collaborations with producers throughout Canada, Mexico, Europe and the US.

Her new Album : “Flocus” will be out Summer 2017. 


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